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Coral Cove Koh Samui

Whether you opt to stay at Coral Cove or just enjoy a quiet picnic on its tranquil beaches, Coral Cove is Koh Samui's smallest but most outstanding beach, capturing the peace, beauty and charm of this island paradise. It is nestled between the busy tourist spots of Chaweng and Lamai is a small stretch of beach, known as Coral Cove Bay. One of the more secluded spots on the east coast of Koh Samui, Coral Cove has pristine beaches with the same soft white sandy shores and clear blue waters of neighbouring Chaweng and Lamai.

Coral Cove Beach in Koh Samui

Coral Cove has been spared the congestion of hotels due to its narrow stretch of beach, but there are several luxury villas, allowing you a secluded spot on the sand without being in complete isolation. Its proximity to the most popular Koh Samui destinations means that you will not be short of the holiday services and facilities, whether you want a busy day out shopping in Chaweng or relaxing in one of Lamai's luxurious spas. Coral Cove has grown as a popular destination among newlyweds for its mix of privacy and picturesque scenery and the moonlight views of this small stretch of beach is almost unrivalled by any other Koh Samui destination.

Coral Cove is tucked between boulder formations on either side of the beach, and a cliff overlooking the shoreline, Coral Cove has managed to retain its peaceful beach setting away from neighbouring tourist hotspots on Koh Samui. Coral Cove may not feature prominently on any Koh Samui travel brochure but is a popular daytime spot among the more avid snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. The waters around Coral Cove are warm and calm, making it ideal for swimming and if you are prepared to venture deeper in, you will discover a stunning array of marine flora and fauna, which have avoided the impact of overcrowding and speedy commercial development.

Map showing location of Coral Cove

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