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Koh Samui Information and Map of Samui

There are lots of direct and indirect sources of tourist information available in printed form and on the internet. Once you arrive on the island you will be presented with an array of free brochures and general information leaflets. Most of these are updated regularly to reflect events on the island over the next three months.

Koh Samui Information Generally

The map below shows the main towns on the island. If you zoom in on the map and set it to satellite view you will be able to see the locations of the Temples, Churches, Mosques, Police stations, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Scenic Views, Information centres, ATMs, Banks, Post Offices, Mountain Peaks, Buffalo Stadiums and Elephant Treks. Please click on the towns on the map to view further information.

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Click on one of the Markers or Desriptions above to show them in the map below.
Hover over a Marker and a description will appear. Click on the Marker for further information.


Koh Samui is the rare gem in the Gulf of Thailand, 80 kilometres off the coast of Surat Thani and about 560 kilometres South of Bangkok. It is Thailand's third largest island and is approximately 21 kilometres wide and 25 kilometres long. Koh Samui is part of an archipelago of 80 tropical islands, most of them deserted. A mountain ridge runs east to west across Koh samui and most of the interior is covered with forested hills. It is mostly characterized by its coconut trees, powdery white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and welcoming locals.

Local Population

The local population of about 50,000 inhabitants consist mainly of Buddhist Thais and are very friendly. Until the recent arrival of tourism, coconut farming and fishing were the main sources of income. The fish you'll eat in the many restaurants and hotel dining rooms come from the surrounding Gulf of Thailand waters.

Other useful information

Please click on any of the links below for more useful information about Koh Samui and its surroundings.

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