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Koh Samui Frequently Asked Questions about Renting Villas

These FAQ's mainly relate to hiring privately owned villas and associated matters.

Koh Samui FAQ’s Generally

These are some of the more popular FAQ's but if you have a more specific query then please contact us and we will try to answer or at least point you in the right direction to obtain and answer.

What type of rental properties are available?

There are a wide range of villas available to suit your travel needs. We have rentals for budget travellers through to luxury seekers looking for lavish villas and estates, including private beaches and butlers with full household staff.

How much are the villas to rent?

Prices vary according to the type of property, location and season. The first considerations are where you wish to be and what type of rental you're seeking. Some properties are more affordable than others, and renting in periods that are not high or peak season will save you money. Finally, some of our vacation homes are simple and basic for those with a tight budget, whilst others are lavish and luxurious villas for those looking for the trip of a lifetime. The price details are given on each of the villa particulars on the website.

How do I rent a villa?

Simply complete the enquiry form and it is sent directly to the villa owner/manager or the villa management company. They then respond directly to you. This ensures you receive the best price and are provided with consistent information about the villa rental.

What are the minimum rental periods?

Most villas are rented for a minimum of 3 nights but during this may increase to 7 or even 14 nights in high and peak seasons. The details are given on each of the villa particulars on the website.

What are the booking procedures?

When you've selected the villa that seems to be ideal for your vacation then you email your requirements using the villa enquiry form. Once you choose your villa and confirm your intention, the property will be held for you for three to five days in order for you to proceed with the deposit payment for your reservation. The final payment for your rental is due, for most villas, prior to the commencement of your rental period. The full details will be provided by the villa owner/manager or the villa management company when you enquire.

What currency do I use to pay for the villa?

Rental fees are generally payable in either US Dollars or Thai Baht but sometimes it is paid in the local currency depending on where the villa rental owner or management company request you send your payments. The full details will be provided by the villa owner/manager or the villa management company when you enquire.

How far in advance do I need to book the villa?

To avoid disappointment we recommend to book your villa as early as possible because many of the more popular villas are booked and reserved up to a year in advance.

Do I need cancelation insurance?

We strongly recommend that you take out some form of cancellation insurance. This is normally part of your holiday insurance policy.

Do you have and booking advice for holidaymakers?

Yes. Samui Villas Samui have integrated trust and security features throughout our site and want you to get the most from them. We strongly recommend that you always follow our recommended guidelines when booking from one of our owners or managers. Please see our Holidaymakers Booking Advice for online security advice and tips.

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