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Koh Samui Spas & Retreats

The range of Spas, Retreats and Treatments available on Koh Samui are too numerous to list. It is fair to say though that no matter where you are on the island you will not be far away from a Spa or Retreat and will not be disappointed once you've enjoyed a Samui treatment experience.

Koh Samui Spas & Retreats Generally

There are massage treatments available in thatched roof huts on most tourist beaches but for those who prefer more formal treatments there are many high class Spas and Retreats offering an overwhelming range of treatments.

Spas & Retreats


Only a few years ago, a massage on the beach was considered a fantastic pampering treat by the tourists coming to Koh Samui. And it was, and still is an inexpensive treat. Today, however, Samui boasts of world class spas, retreats and yoga centres offering luxurious and rejuvenating body and facial treatments, aromatic steam baths, spa cuisine, yoga, and so much more. Samui has turned into a spa paradise of the region.
For further details see the Samui Spa Guide.

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