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Lipa Noi Koh Samui

Lipa Noi is close to one of the main car ferry port for travellers driving from mainland Thailand but despite its location, it has managed to maintain a quiet and calm atmosphere. Lipa Noi is considered a remote part of the island when compared to the activity of more popular Koh Samui spots like Chaweng. Nevertheless, Lipa Noi is not short on holiday offerings although they are smaller and more personal than the east coast facilities.

Lipa Noi Beach in Koh Samui

Pictures of Lipa Noi's beaches are often used on Koh Samui travel brochures due to the unmatched scenery of this area. There may be little in the way of entertainment in Lipa Noi but its appeal lies in the tranquil atmosphere rather than sporting activities and nightlife. Lipa Noi's beaches are the main attraction and the white sandy shores, shallow clear blue waters and stunning sunsets is everything you would expect from a tropical island paradise.

Beach villas with stunning views are the norm for tourist accommodation in Lipa Noi. Despite its uninhabited beaches and quiet atmosphere, you are not isolated from the rest of the island with a drive to the busy Chaweng beach taking about 40 minutes. Lipa Noi is the idyllic beach getaway that you will see in the tourist brochures. With picture perfect beaches and natural tropical beauty, a holiday in Lipa Noi is everything you would expect in an island paradise.

Lipa Noi is located on Koh Samui's west coast and is known for being a laid back part of the island. Away from all the commercial buzz of the east coast, Lipa Noi is a peaceful sanctuary with pristine white shores and shallow blue waters making this the perfect getaway for couples and families with younger children. Activities in Lipa Noi are more family orientated and this is evident in the tourist demographic. Quaint restaurants with traditional Thai dances and acrobatics, a holistic health spa and a tourist orientated animal farm with entertainment facilities is the type of activities on offer in Lipa Noi. Shopping is limited in Lipa Noi but due to its close proximity to Nathon, the administrative centre of Koh Samui, you are not totally cut off from evening entertainment and retail therapy.

Map showing location of Lipa Noi

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