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Nathon Koh Samui

Nathon is reknown for its amazing sunsets and if you want a piece of tropical paradise with all the holiday facilities and service, then Nathon is worth considering. Nathon is Koh Samui's administrative area and the island's main ferry port to and from the mainland. Located on the west coast of Koh Samui, Nathon may be considered a bit quieter in contrast to the hive of activity of the island's east coast but still has plenty of tourist offerings to make for the perfect island holiday.

Nathon Beach in Koh Samui

The beach at Nathon is renowned for having some of the shallowest waters in Koh Samui with no coral and rocks to scar the pristine coastline. Ideal for families with young children, Nathon's beach still offers the white sandy shores and clear waters that are characteristic of Koh Samui with a number of water sports available for the enthusiast. Apart from families, Nathon also attracts a number of more mature travellers who prefer quieter surroundings with mainland Thailand within easy reach. The shops, banks and post office in Nathon is ideal for the traveller who wants to stay in touch with the outside world rather than getting lost in the tropical island vibe. Restaurants and bars are abundant throughout Nathon but the town has managed to limit coastline development so not to lose the natural island beauty that makes Koh Samui such a popular destination.

A day away from Nathon beach involves a trip up the mountain to Best Mountain View, where you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of Koh Samui's west coast and majestic sea between the island and mainland Thailand. Alternatively, you can take a quiet walk to the Nathon coconut plantations and just mingle with the locals or opt for the Ang Thong National Marine Park tour. Nathon has numerous shops to keep most tourists happy and being less commercialised than either Chaweng or Lamai the prices here are lower with lots of interesting souvenir and copy items for sale. Most of the shops in Nathon are on the inland road; however, the ocean road has a number of good restaurants for breakfast and lunch and the teak shop houses that line the middle road provide the visitor with a glimpse into Koh Samui's traditional way of life. Nightlife in Nathon is limited compared to other Koh Samui destinations as Nathon prides itself on a more laid back realistic feel to life on Koh Samui, rather than the tourist buzz and fanfare.

Map showing location of Nathon

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