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Property Owners Advice

Security tips and tools to protect your guests when booking your holiday rental.

1. Guest Phone Screening

Get to know who you are renting to before they arrive. Speak with potential guests before confirming their reservations.

Make sure the phone number on your listing is accurate and we recommend getting back to guests within 24 hours after they enquire.

To promote security we always recommend our travellers contact the owner or manager to confirm reservation and payment details before making any payment. Expect a phone call from your potential guests for every booking.

2. Rental Agreements

Use a rental agreement for each reservation and be sure to include the names of all parties, check-in / checkout dates, rental amounts, payment schedules, and of course, your cancellation and refund policies. Including house rules and policies around cleaning fees, pets, and smoking.

Best Practices

Spoof Websites and Emails (Phishing)

Fake (spoof) websites and emails try to look like our site and emails or pretend to be from your email provider. The scammers who create these sites and send these emails do so in the hope you will fall for the scam and enter your username, password and other personal information. If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on any links or reply. A suspicious email would be one that doesn't include normal brand heading, has typos and errors, or asks for personal information via email.

Contact us here if you receive an email that you think might be from Samui Villas Samui, but looks suspicious and claims to come from us. Please contact us right away so that our security team can deal with it.

Scam and Spam Inquiries

Samui Villas Samui has invested in trust & security technology to detect spam and scam enquiries, but even so, occasionally sophisticated spam attempts get past our filters. Please inform us if you receive a scam email, we'll implement new rules to catch them.

Account Security

We have numerous security features in place to keep your Samui Villas Samui accounts secure but we do not have any control over the security procedures of your email provider.

Keep your personal email account secure by using strong, alpha-numeric passwords and updating them every few months.

If you receive an email or message that asks you to re-enter your username and password for your email provider, close that window and sign into your email account from the email provider's website.

To access your owner dashboard on the Samui Villas Samui website, log in ONLY via our official website.

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