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Taling Ngam Koh Samui

Taling Ngam is located on the west coast of Koh Samui and is the perfect tropical getaway from the hustle and bustle of the more tourist-orientated east coast. Taling Ngam is better known for its pristine beaches tucked away among Koh Samui's untouched coastline where you can enjoy your own piece of this secluded sun drenched paradise. Although Taling Ngam is not as tourist orientated as the more commercial areas of Koh Samui it is not short of tropical beauty and island magic. Whether you spend the day lazing in your beach villa or trudging through the neighbouring towns, Taling Ngam has everything you would want in a peaceful beach getaway.

Taling Ngam Beach in Koh Samui

Taling Ngam is more rustic than other Koh Samui spots giving you the opportunity to experience traditional island life. Apart from the flavours in the small restaurants throughout Taling Ngam, you can also venture into the residential areas and see the inhabitants going about their daily life. Private villas and guest bungalows are usually the accommodation of choice for visitors and Taling Ngam offers a range of facilities to cater for most budgets. If you want a lazy day away from the beach, you can lounge in a Taling Ngam spa or take a short drive to Chaweng for some shopping and hobnobbing with other tourists.

Taling Ngam is considered one of the more picturesque areas of Koh Samui. While it has significantly less development than the tourist hotspots of Chaweng, Taling Ngam is not remote by any standards. Just south of Koh Samui's administrative centre of Nathon and housing one of Koh Samui's most luxurious resorts, Taling Ngam has managed to retain the island's natural beauty while still providing all the services and facilities one would need for the perfect island getaway.

When you are lazing on Taling Ngam's beach you can still enjoy a range of water sports and beach activities although the more adventurous traveller may find it limited. A short drive from the Taling Ngam beach is the Kiri Wongkaram temple, which is located just beyond the two magnificent giant elephant statues known as the Elephant Gate. Here you will see one of Koh Samui's more traditional Buddhist temples, housing the mummified body of a renowned Buddhist monk.

Map showing location of Taling Ngam

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