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Why Rent a Villa in Koh Samui rather than stay in a hotel?

Most private vacation rental villas offer considerably more space than you will find in the typical hotel room often at a reduced cost. Private villas also offer excellent flexibility. Unlike a typical hotel room, most private vacation rentals include kitchen facilities so you don't have to eat out for every meal (but of course you can if you want too!).

General Reasons why it is better to Rent a Villa

There are many other reasons why it is better to rent a villa and some of these are detailed below:


Vacations in a villa are often less expensive than in a hotel and they are great for larger groups and families who would otherwise have to pay for multiple hotel rooms. The other main difference is that you do not have to pay the expensive food and beverage costs that you would otherwise have to pay in the hotel restaurant and bar as you can stock up your fridge with what you like at the supermarket or local market and cook as often as you like.


Villas often have a variety of amenities that make your stay more enjoyable than staying in a hotel. Villas quite often include such things as a private swimming pool, a full size kitchen, laundry facilities, entertainment systems, WiFi internet access and more!


You generally get much more private space in a villa than a fairly standard 40 square metre hotel room. It means you should have more space to hang out with the ones you love or be on your own at other times.


Vacation rentals can be found everywhere on the island; on the beachfront, on a mountain away from it all or downtown. The great thing is that every vacation rental is unique and offers an authentic, memorable vacation experience. And since you're no longer limited by large, busy hotel locations, you can find vacation rentals in more private, intimate locations for you and your loved ones.


Vacation homes offer the comfort and privacy of a home or an apartment so you can have a more relaxing, enjoyable vacation. With a vacation home, you can finally escape the noise, relax in your own private home and actually enjoy your precious vacation time.


Once you have established that renting a villa is the best option for you and your party then please be aware that there have been recent reports of fraudulent online villa rental activities. Before you book villas on the Internet, make sure you are comfortable with the person or company that you are dealing with. Do your homework and talk to the contacts on the phone and ask if for guest references. Understand the payment terms and booking conditions before you confirm anything. Always keep in mind the well known adage; if it's too good to be true then it often is.

Other reasons to Rent a Villa

The following articles may influence why you should rent a villa in Koh Samui:

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